Colorado - Coronavirus Press Clips Archive

University of Colorado students won’t get tuition refunds, regents vote

Denver Post – 8/12/2020

Colorado can provide match for Trumps $400 jobless supplement for 2-3 weeks, Polis says

Denver Post - 8/10/2020

New Colorado coronavirus cases drop for second week, but remain above Junes low point

Denver Post - 8/10/2020

Colorado new business filings fall in Q2

Boulder Daily Camera - 8/5/2020

Colorado's Polis urges US to go beyond renewal of virus aid

Associated Press – 8/4/2020

Updated economic forecast shows Colorado is slowly recovering from COVID-19 pandemic

Denver Channel – 8/3/2020

July June

Denver charter schools received $16 million in federal coronavirus aid for small businesses

Denver Post - 6/29/2020

Bill to extend health insurance savings program with new fees on companies awaits Polis signature

Boulder Daily Camera - 6/24/2020

Colorado Gov. Polis signs lean state budget

Boulder Daily Camera - 6/23/2020

Paid family leave supporters in Colorado push forward on petition effort

Denver Post - 6/22/2020

Polis extends state of disaster emergency for coronavirus

Pueblo Chieftain - 6/22/2020

Polis signs economic relief bills

Pueblo Chieftain - 6/22/2020

Amid pandemic-induced budget cuts, Colorado law enforcement begin to implement sweeping police reform

Denver Post - 6/21/2020

State: Recession likely to be short, but deep

Boulder Daily Camera - 6/20/2020

Latest Colorado budget forecast has good news but still gives lawmakers reasons for worry

Denver Post - 6/19/2020

12 bills Colorado lawmakers passed in 2020 that you should know about

Boulder Daily Camera - 6/19/2020

CU budget takes $250M hit as costs of coronavirus continue to add up

Boulder Daily Camera - 6/18/2020

Polis Keeping An Eye On Colorado’s Coronavirus-Wounded Budget, Neighboring State Case Counts

CPR News – 6/9/2020

Sweeping police reform bill passes Colorado Senate 32-1

Denver Post - 6/9/2020

Colorados smaller ag operations farms, ranches, farmers markets can tap grants to get through the summer

Denver Post - 6/9/2020

No pay cuts, layoffs in CSU-Pueblo budget

Pueblo Chieftain - 6/7/2020

Colorado coronavirus relief package would help with rent, mortgages, business loans

Boulder Daily Camera - 6/4/2020

Gutted Colorado budget passes its first test on party-line vote

Denver Post - 6/3/2020


If you want to speak to Colorado lawmakers over the next few weeks, you'll have to do it in person.

Boulder Daily Camera - 5/28/2020

Colorado cities, counties brace for fiscal wreckage from coronavirus, even with federal help

Denver Post - 5/26/2020

Colorado lawmakers return to tackle $3.3 billion budget hole

Associated Press – 5/25/2020

Colorado lawmakers could cut K-12 education spending 15% to fill hole left by coronavirus

Boulder Daily Camera - 5/22/2020

CU Denver to begin furloughing employees in July

Denver Post - 5/20/2020

Colorado lawmakers slash $493 million from higher education, but blow will be softened by federal coronavirus aid

Boulder Daily Camera - 5/20/2020

Gov. Polis signs executive order allocating $1.674 billion in federal funds for COVID-19 relief

Denver Post - 5/18/2020

Colorado Groups Push for Tax Hike on Higher Earners to Help With Budget Shortfall

Route Fifty – 5/18/2020

Colorado Concern sues Polis over order easing signature-gathering requirements for ballot measures

Denver Post - 5/18/2020

Affordable housing orgs say Coloradans will need at least $291 million in rent and mortgage assistance this year

Boulder Daily Camera - 5/17/2020

Dire state budget forecast presented for Colorado

Pueblo Chieftain - 5/13/2020

School cuts expected to run deep

Pueblo Chieftain - 5/13/2020

Colorado universities coming to aid of undocumented students, others not eligible for federal coronavirus stimulus

Boulder Daily Camera - 5/13/2020

Colorado budget facing massive cuts and next year likely to be worse

Denver Post - 5/12/2020

Coronavirus blasts $3.3 billion hole in Colorado budget

Denver Post – 5/12/2020

Colorado faces $6.8 billion coronavirus hit to state budget in coming years, new forecast projects

Colorado Sun – 5/12/2020

What might college in Colorado look like this fall? Mix of in-person and online, single dorm rooms, spread-out desks

Boulder Daily Camera - 5/11/2020

Q&A: Colorado Gov. Jared Polis on safer at home, coronavirus deaths and skiing timeline

Denver Post - 5/10/2020

Colorados public colleges face a budget crisis. Its been decades in the making.

Denver Post - 5/7/2020

Budget woes causing headaches for school districts

Pueblo Chieftain - 5/4/2020

Colorado higher ed leaders seek additional federal support

Boulder Daily Camera - 5/3/2020

Colorado lawmakers give up on paid family leave bill, will support ballot measure

Denver Post - 5/1/2020

Gov. Jared Polis limits evictions, cuts immediate state spending by $228.7 million

Denver Post - 5/1/2020


Lawmakers Will Soon Start The Grim Work Of Cutting Colorado’s Coronavirus Wounded Budget – 4/30/2020

Colorado’s coronavirus budget crunch is putting Democratic accomplishments at risk

Colorado Sun – 4/30/2020

CU budget losses could top $1B

Boulder Daily Camera - 4/29/2020

Colorado's requests would make it easier for low-income people to sign up for Medicaid and stay enrolled, and for doctors and others who want to accept Medicaid to work with the program.

Denver Post - 4/29/2020

Colorado looks to trim $3 billion from $30 billion budget

The Journal – 4/28/2020

Colorado sports betting set to launch May 1 with most teams sidelined and states casinos closed

Boulder Daily Camera - 4/27/2020

CU President Kennedy, chancellors to take 10% pay cut amid coronavirus budget concerns

Boulder Daily Camera - 4/22/2020

Facing dire budget shortfall, Denver school board may consider pay freezes, school mergers

Denver Post - 4/20/2020

Gov. Jared Polis orders essential workers to wear masks, directs more oversight over Colorados senior care facilities

Denver Post - 4/17/2020

Colorado working on its own financial rescue program for overlooked businesses

Denver Post - 4/17/2020

Polis relying on group of software engineers to track Coloradans movements during COVID-19 crisis

Denver Post - 4/15/2020

Coronavirus a potential financial disaster for Colorados already-underfunded universities

Denver Post - 4/12/2020

Colorado JBC plans to begin meeting in May

Pueblo Chieftain - 4/10/2020

Colorado lawmakers bracing for coronavirus budget hit of up to $3 billion

Boulder Daily Camera - 4/10/2020

Colorado lawmakers could return to the Capitol as early as May after breaking for coronavirus

Denver Post - 4/7/2020

National model predicts coronavirus pandemic in Colorado has peaked, but state officials say worst is still to come

Denver Post - 4/7/2020

Polis asks feds for $500B in aid for Colorado

Pueblo Chieftain - 4/4/2020

Esgar: Hard choices will be necessary for state budget

Pueblo Chieftain - 4/3/2020

CU system predicts funding cuts amid coronavirus upheaval

Boulder Daily Camera - 4/2/2020

Colorado business confidence plummets on coronavirus concerns

Denver Post - 4/1/2020


Colorados unemployment rate is poised to double in less than three weeks. Heres what you need to know.

Boulder Daily Camera - 3/30/2020

President Trump approves Colorado’s major disaster declaration

Boulder Daily Camera - 3/30/2020

CUs Kennedy, higher ed leaders seek emergency funds amid coronavirus outbreak

Boulder Daily Camera - 3/28/2020

Colorado opens health insurance marketplace due to coronavirus pandemic

Denver Post - 3/23/2020

It feels like a ticking time bomb: Colorado Latinos access to coronavirus care, information a concern

Denver Post - 3/23/2020

Colorado spends $2.4 million on emergency laptops for state employees who can work at home

Denver Post - 3/20/2020

Colorado may divert incentive fund to help small businesses

Denver Post - 3/19/2020

Polis working to obtain funding for small businesses

Pueblo Chieftain - 3/18/2020

Coronavirus could cost Colorado budget $800 million, analysts say

Denver Post - 3/16/2020

Colorado Offers Guidance to Other Governments That Want to Establish Drive-Thru Testing

Route Fifty – 3/16/2020

Coronavirus pandemic shuts down Colorado Capitol for at least two weeks

Denver Post - 3/13/2020

Coronavirus threatens Colorado budget, could bring halt to legislative session

Denver Post - 3/12/2020

Colorado Coronavirus Efforts Under State Of Emergency Will Include Additional Paid Sick Leave For Workers And More Tests And Labs

Colorado Public Radio – 3/10/2020

Colorado Lawmakers Ask: What Happens At The Capitol If Coronavirus Spreads?

Colorado Public Radio – 3/10/2020

Colorado Coronavirus Efforts Under State Of Emergency Will Include Additional Paid Sick Leave For Workers And More Tests And Labs

Colorado Public Radio – 3/10/2020

Colorado Lawmakers Ask: What Happens At The Capitol If Coronavirus Spreads?

Colorado Public Radio – 3/10/2020

There Are Now 8 Presumptive Positive Coronavirus Cases In Colorado

Colorado Public Radio – 3/6/2020