California - Coronavirus Press Clips Archive

Coronavirus outbreak hits Folsom State Prison in California

San Diego Union-Tribune - 8/12/2020

Economic task force advising Newsom on COVID-19 a mystery

SFGate - 8/11/2020

California judge rules Uber, Lyft drivers are employees

San Jose Mercury News - 8/10/2020

Newsom: State Can't Afford White House Unemployment Benefits Plan

SFGate - 8/10/2020

Coronavirus: $400 unemployment benefits from Trump exec orders pose big California burden

San Jose Mercury News - 8/10/2020

California Has Saved Money by Suing the Trump Administration

Sacramento Bee – 8/10/2020

State legislation prompts San Diego to explore creating a city-owned public bank

San Diego Union-Tribune - 8/4/2020


Calif. lawmakers consider creating $600 unemployment benefit

SFGate - 7/31/2020

California court: public employees can't 'spike' pensions

SFGate - 7/30/2020

Anonymous tips help California counties enforce virus orders

San Diego Union-Tribune - 7/30/2020

California lawmakers advance 3 bills spurred by coronavirus

Associated Press – 7/30/2020

Some California schools want waivers to reopen despite virus

SFGate - 7/29/2020

Coronavirus unemployment: Governor plans EDD reforms but relief is months away

San Jose Mercury News - 7/29/2020

How to cut California coronavirus spread in half? Wear your mask, top health official says

Los Angeles Times - 7/29/2020

California withholds virus money from 2 defiant cities

SFGate - 7/28/2020

California lawmakers propose $100 billion stimulus plan

Associated Press – 7/28/2020

Little time, big agenda when California lawmakers return

SFGate - 7/26/2020

Medi-Cal mystery: Millions of enrollees haven t materialized in California

San Jose Mercury News - 7/24/2020

CSU takes a serious look at Chula Vista for potential new university campus

San Diego Union-Tribune - 7/22/2020

Many out of work Californians still waiting for unemployment benefits

San Jose Mercury News - 7/20/2020

California needs $28 billion in taxes by the end of July

Los Angeles Times - 7/20/2020

Classroom instruction planned in some parts of California

San Diego Union-Tribune - 7/17/2020

Governor said schools can reopen in counties that have been off the state's watchlist for worrisome COVID-19 outbreaks for 14 days.

San Jose Mercury News - 7/17/2020

Future of California-funded coronavirus testing sites unclear after August

San Jose Mercury News - 7/16/2020

As coronavirus surges, new pressure on Gov. Newsom for a schools reopening plan

Los Angeles Times - 7/15/2020

California rethinks coronavirus testing strategy as cases surge

San Jose Mercury News - 7/14/2020

California, after riding a boom, braces for hard times

SFGate - 7/12/2020

College students fume over having to pay full tuition for dubious online learning

San Diego Union-Tribune - 7/12/2020

Regional: Gov. Newsom Outlines Wildfire Prevention Efforts Amid Pandemic

SFGate - 7/9/2020

Newsom says reopening of California schools to be based on safety, not pressure from Trump

Los Angeles Times - 7/8/2020

CSU chancellor: System may go virtual for entire year

SFGate - 7/8/2020

California 'surge' hospitals are costly, but how much?

SFGate - 7/8/2020

California Assembly postpones return to Sacramento

SFGate - 7/6/2020

20 Coronavirus: Will California tenants, landlords and taxpayers split the bill for unpaid rent?

San Jose Mercury News - 7/6/2020

The struggle to enter California's cannabis market: 'So much heartache, so much pain'

San Jose Mercury News - 7/6/2020

Restaurant dining rooms, wineries to close for 3 weeks in 19 California counties

San Diego Union-Tribune - 7/1/2020

California officials blasted for San Quentin prison coronavirus outbreak

San Diego Union-Tribune - 7/1/2020


Gov. Newsom Says State Has Housed More Than 14K Homeless...

SFGate - 6/30/2020

Californias budget has billions in cuts to close deficit

San Diego Union-Tribune - 6/29/2020

California governor OKs budget closing $54.3 billion deficit

San Jose Mercury News - 6/29/2020

State, nonprofits step up to help California’s undocumented workers hit with staggering job losses, crushing debt

San Jose Mercury News - 6/26/2020

California declares emergency to draw down budget reserves

San Diego Union-Tribune - 6/25/2020

California uses funding as threat over virus measures

SFGate - 6/24/2020

Governor Newsom, lawmakers agree how to close deficit

SFGate - 6/22/2020

Newsom agrees to rethink sharp California budget cuts in deal with lawmakers

Los Angeles Times - 6/22/2020

Californias bullet train project faces unprecedented woes

SFGate - 6/22/2020

California superintendents, school boards attack ban on layoffs they suspect could be in state budget

San Jose Mercury News - 6/20/2020

California Highway Patrol spent $38M responding to protests

SFGate - 6/16/2020

No California budget deal yet as Newsom, lawmakers approach big deadlines

L.A. Times – 6/15/2020

California moves full-steam ahead with reopening despite increase in cases, deaths

San Jose Mercury News - 6/15/2020

California Legislature OKs placeholder budget as talks with Newsom continue

SFGate - 6/15/2020

California governor agrees to nix cuts for seniors, others

San Jose Mercury News - 6/15/2020

Californias gas tax is going up again. Amid coronavirus, some say now is not the time

Los Angeles Times - 6/14/2020

Judge limits California governor's emergency rule-making

SFGate - 6/12/2020

California bill would bar landlords from evicting renters for nonpayment during pandemic

SFGate - 6/10/2020

Tribal casinos sue California for more time to qualify legal sports betting measure amid coronavirus

Los Angeles Times - 6/9/2020

California Bets on Trump’s Help With $54 Billion Budget Gap

Bloomberg – 6/9/2020

California has one week to pass a budget. Congress doesn’t plan to help in time — if at all

Sacramento Bee – 6/8/2020

California deal for protective masks wins federal approval

San Diego Union-Tribune - 6/8/2020

Regional: Lawmakers Would Spare K-12 Schools From Any Budget Cuts

SFGate - 6/6/2020

California lawmakers agree to close $54.3 billion budget gap

SFGate - 6/3/2020

State would delay deepest cuts under Legislature’s alternative to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s plan

SFGate - 6/3/2020

Governors warn congressional leaders of billion-dollar shortfalls due to coronavirus

Los Angeles Times - 6/2/2020

Its all over the board. California still far from testing everyone in elder care homes

San Diego Union-Tribune - 6/1/2020

‘Why Do We Always Get Hit First?’ Proposed Budget Cuts Target Vulnerable Californians

Kaiser Health News – 6/1/2020

Schools issue warning: Coronavirus testing and tracing are needed before campuses reopen

San Diego Union-Tribune - 6/1/2020


Counties Have Latitude On When To Reopen, Gov. Newsom Says

SFGate - 5/30/2020

Drug court participation drops four years after Proposition 47 reduced many drug crimes to misdemeanors

San Diego Union-Tribune - 5/30/2020

California to vote on business tax hike worth up to $12B

San Diego Union-Tribune - 5/29/2020

California lawmakers push back on Gavin Newsoms budget cuts

SFGate - 5/29/2020

California lawmakers propose allowing legal sports betting to help with budget shortfall

San Jose Mercury News - 5/29/2020

Californias coronavirus budget crisis leaves Newsom and lawmakers at odds

Los Angeles Times - 5/28/2020

California politicians wont get 1st pay raise in years

San Diego Union-Tribune - 5/28/2020

California lawmakers break from Newsom’s budget, extend deadline for federal cash

LA Times – 5/27/2020

State workers could be reassigned for coronavirus work if volunteer drive comes up short

Sacramento Bee – 5/27/2020

California Assembly slams governors proposed budget cuts

Los Angeles Times - 5/27/2020

California’s Proposition 13 ballot fight intensifies with coronavirus pandemic

SFGate - 5/26/2020

Coronavirus could force pay cuts for California lawmakers, state workers

Los Angeles Times - 5/23/2020

California lawmakers pushing back on Gavin Newsoms pandemic...

SFGate - 5/23/2020

California's April jobless rate higher than Great Recession

SFGate - 5/22/2020

California to spend $1.8 billion more on virus response

SFGate - 5/22/2020

California educators: Expect 'hybrid' classrooms in the fall

SFGate - 5/20/2020

Coronavirus: University of California campuses will open in the fall, Napolitano says

San Jose Mercury News - 5/20/2020

Most California school districts plan to open in the fall. Heres how it would work

Los Angeles Times - 5/20/2020

Budget cuts aimed at older adults anger California lawmakers

SFGate - 5/19/2020

California schools say budget cuts will delay reopening

San Diego Union-Tribune - 5/19/2020

University of California imposes pay freeze as losses mount

San Diego Union-Tribune - 5/18/2020

Calif. offers first COVID-19 cash aid to undocumented immigrants

SFGate - 5/18/2020

Lawmakers concerned about oversight in Newsom spending plan

San Diego Union-Tribune - 5/18/2020

Newsom eases California reopening rules, allowing more counties to restart economy

Los Angeles Times - 5/18/2020

California governor: Shrink prisons to help cut budget

SFGate - 5/16/2020

Billions in cuts proposed as California revenue plunges

SFGate - 5/15/2020

Californias budget cuts threaten environmental spending

San Diego Union-Tribune - 5/15/2020

California faces jaw dropping unemployment, requiring more federal loans, Newsom says

Los Angeles Times - 5/14/2020

Newsom Proposes Deep Education, Health Care Cuts In Revised...

SFGate - 5/14/2020

Main points of Gavin Newsoms budget: State worker pay cuts,...

SFGate - 5/14/2020

California governor looks to plug $54 billion budget hole

Associated Press – 5/14/2020

Newsom Announces More Than $200M In Proposed Wildfire Prep...

SFGate - 5/13/2020

Rent relief: Tenants would get 10 years to repay under California lawmakers’ coronavirus plan

SFGate - 5/12/2020

California considers unprecedented $25-billion economy recovery fund, rental relief

San Diego Union-Tribune - 5/12/2020

Napolitano recommends suspension of the SAT test for UC admissions

Los Angeles Times - 5/11/2020

Gov. Newsom Signs Order To Mail Ballots To All California...

SFGate - 5/9/2020

California governor threatens to withhold disaster aid from 3 counties that defied state stay-at-home order

San Diego Union-Tribune - 5/9/2020

California legislative analyst projects deficit through 2024

San Diego Union-Tribune - 5/8/2020

California faces $54 billion deficit

SFGate - 5/8/2020

Coronavirus Today: How do you fill a $54-billion hole?

Los Angeles Times - 5/7/2020

5 questions about Californias projected budget deficit

San Diego Union-Tribune - 5/7/2020

California doom: Staggering $54 billion budget deficit looms

SFGate - 5/7/2020

UC Davis study estimates driving in California has dropped 75%

San Diego Union-Tribune - 5/6/2020

California Gov. Newsoms billion-dollar mask deal hits snag

San Diego Union-Tribune - 5/6/2020

Coronavirus: Tax deadline delay for business property may hurt schools, cities, assessor warns

San Jose Mercury News - 5/6/2020

Newsom on the California economy: 'These are Depression-era numbers'

SF Gate – 5/6/2020

Gavin Newsom wants $1 trillion COVID-19 aid package for states. How did he get that number?

McClatchy – 5/5/2020

Gov. Newsom Announces State Has Sent Out $10B In Unemployment...

SFGate - 5/5/2020

Newsom scolds counties for defying virus order by reopening

SFGate - 5/5/2020

UC could reopen just one-third of its dorm rooms this fall

Los Angeles Times - 5/4/2020

Lawmakers return for shortened session

SFGate - 5/4/2020

California hospitals cite $14 billion in losses, seek aid

San Diego Union-Tribune - 5/4/2020

California is possibly days, not weeks from lifting some coronavirus restrictions

Los Angeles Times - 5/1/2020

Stay-home order could cost California $370 million in gas tax for road fixes: ‘A heavy hit’

McClatchy – 5/1/2020

What California schools devastating cuts could mean for...

SFGate - 5/1/2020


Governors suggestion for early school year draws mixed reactions

San Diego Union-Tribune - 4/30/2020

Newsom Announces Initiative To Connect Excess Produce To Food...

SFGate - 4/29/2020

Questions surround governors proposal to open schools early

San Diego Union-Tribune - 4/29/2020

Criticism grows over Gov. Newsoms management of coronavirus crisis

San Diego Union-Tribune - 4/29/2020

Newsom waives gym class requirements and budget deadlines...

SFGate - 4/28/2020

First shipment of California governor's big mask buy arrives

SFGate - 4/28/2020

Newsom chastises beachgoers, warning that defying order could delay reopening California

San Diego Union-Tribune - 4/27/2020

Governor Newsom’s quandary: Who should get California workers’ comp benefits for COVID-19?

San Jose Mercury News - 4/27/2020

State plans to help housebound seniors and local restaurants...

SFGate - 4/24/2020

California cities: Virus could mean $6.7 billion in losses

SFGate - 4/23/2020

Gov. Newsom suggests he wont allow communities to lift stay-at-home orders for now

San Diego Union-Tribune - 4/21/2020

California lawmakers want say in governor's virus spending

SFGate - 4/20/2020

Coronavirus: California secures over 15,000 hotel rooms for homeless, but is slower to fill them

San Jose Mercury News - 4/18/2020

California's unemployment rate soars, but worst yet to come

SFGate - 4/17/2020

Newsom orders 2 weeks paid sick leave for food workers

SFGate - 4/17/2020

UC hit with $558 million in March alone due to coronavirus

Los Angeles Times - 4/16/2020

Coronavirus spreads among workers at California state agencies, striking panic in employees

San Diego Union-Tribune - 4/16/2020

California governor expects $7 billion in virus spending

Associated Press – 4/16/2020

California lawmakers to hold hearing about virus spending

San Diego Union-Tribune - 4/16/2020

Coronavirus: When school campuses open in the fall, students might find a soberingly different experience

San Jose Mercury News - 4/15/2020

Many California pot businesses are on the brink of failure

SFGate - 4/14/2020

Newsom Announces Funding To Support Child Protective Services...

SFGate - 4/13/2020

CA's early coronavirus efforts will cost $7 billion, Newsom says

SFGate - 4/11/2020

Coronavirus doesnt delay property taxes in California

San Diego Union-Tribune - 4/11/2020

California newspapers seek state help as virus hits revenue

SFGate - 4/11/2020

Gov. Newsom provided 'very little information' on state's $1 billion coronavirus mask purchase, lawmakers say

SFGate - 4/10/2020

Unemployed Californians to get an extra $600 in weekly benefits starting Sunday

Los Angeles Times - 4/10/2020

Coronavirus: Gov. Newsom considers aid for immigrants

San Jose Mercury News - 4/8/2020

Frustrated Newsom calls on task force to fix coronavirus testing shortfall

San Jose Mercury News - 4/5/2020

Gov. Newsom announces new state and federal aid for small businesses, employees

San Jose Mercury News - 4/2/2020

California delays sales tax payments for small businesses

Associated Press – 4/2/2020


Governor: California bought time to prepare virus peak

San Diego Union-Tribune - 3/31/2020

Coronavirus: State lawmaker proposes property tax relief

San Jose Mercury News - 3/31/2020

BART ridership dips 92% due to coronavirus, agency considers...

SFGate - 3/28/2020

California restaurants say 30% to close without state aid

San Diego Union-Tribune - 3/27/2020

Coronavirus help: Newsom orders moratorium on rental evictions through May 31

San Jose Mercury News - 3/27/2020

California governor says virus likely to curb state spending

SFGate - 3/24/2020

As Coronavirus threatens general election, California could be example for states expanding vote-by-mail

San Jose Mercury News - 3/24/2020

Gavin Newsom directs $42 million to health care needs during...

SFGate - 3/24/2020

Californians to get extra time on Real ID as Trump says he will delay deadline due to coronavirus

San Diego Union-Tribune - 3/24/2020

Coronavirus brings an end to Californias good-times budget....

SFGate - 3/23/2020

Coronavirus: California needs 50,000 more hospital beds, governor says

San Jose Mercury News - 3/23/2020

Coronavirus will make Californias affordable housing problems worse, experts say

Los Angeles Times - 3/23/2020

Time to wake up, Newsom says, again urging Californians to stay home in coronavirus fight

San Diego Union-Tribune - 3/22/2020

PG&E reaches bankruptcy deal with California governor

SFGate - 3/21/2020

40 million Californians ordered to stay home to halt virus

SFGate - 3/20/2020

More than half of Californians could become infected with coronavirus, Gov. Gavin Newsom says to Trump

San Diego Union-Tribune - 3/19/2020

Coronavirus: Extra week of pay for jobless workers in California

San Jose Mercury News - 3/18/2020

California schools may not reopen this school year; LAUSD begins food distribution

Los Angeles Times - 3/18/2020

California readies for worst-case scenarios as virus spreads

SFGate - 3/18/2020

California governor: Most schools won't reopen this spring

SFGate - 3/17/2020

Gov. Gavin Newsom escalates coronavirus effort, asks all California restaurants and theaters to close

Los Angeles Times - 3/17/2020

California Legislature OKs $1 billion for coronavirus

SFGate - 3/16/2020

California Legislature suspends until April 13 amid outbreak

Associated Press – 3/16/2020

Coronavirus crisis: Gavin Newsom seeks up to $1.1 billion from...

SFGate - 3/16/2020

As coronavirus overwhelms California health officials, hope of containment fades

Associated Press – 3/8/2020

As coronavirus overwhelms California health officials, hope of containment fades

Associated Press – 3/8/2020

California orders insurers to waive out-of-pocket costs for coronavirus testing

San Francisco Chronicle – 3/5/2020

California declares emergency after 1st coronavirus death

Associated Press – 3/5/2020

California Seeks $20M of Disaster Fund for Coronavirus Fight

Governing – 3/3/2020