Arkansas Coronavirus Press Clips Archive

State lottery revenue for July up by $8.5M over last year

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 8/12/2020

Judicial, highway pension systems log investor gains

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 8/10/2020

UA raises $1.4B, creates new scholarships, support funds

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 8/7/2020

Panel favors $100M more for broadband

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 8/6/2020

Open schools remain goal, governor says

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 8/5/2020

Arkansas: Schools must be open 5 days a week despite virus

Associated Press – 8/5/2020

Arkansas' revenue sets record for July

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 8/5/2020


Lawmakers reverse course, approve $7M in virus aid to minority communities

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 7/28/2020

Colleges in state see lag so far in students enrolling in fall term

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 7/27/2020

Covid-19 outreach program in works

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 7/26/2020

State senator battles covid-19

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 7/24/2020

Benefits of school openings re-stressed

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 7/23/2020

Virus efforts gain backing of state panel

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 7/21/2020

States' rules mounting as virus keeps surging

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 7/16/2020

$6.4M backed for expansion of public TV

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 7/16/2020

Lottery's record year is $532M in revenue

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 7/11/2020

Virus OK as excuse for voting absentee in Arkansas, Hutchinson says

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 7/10/2020

State business grants to fight virus run well compared to other states, business leaders say

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 7/5/2020

State general revenue in June drops $47M from year ago, but exceeds March forecast

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 7/2/2020

Arkansas' budget gets a boost at fiscal year's end; revenue tops previous projection

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 7/1/2020

State's overhaul in juvenile justice hits 2nd phase

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 7/1/2020


Fund request approved by state's top legislators

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 6/29/2020

Crisis units get some 'rainy day' money

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 6/24/2020

New revenue forecast a break for colleges

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 6/20/2020

Reports see quicker state recovery

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 6/18/2020

State seeking to reorganize jobs

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 6/17/2020

Committee endorses broadband proposals

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 6/16/2020

No state merit raises for now, governor says

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 6/12/2020

UAMS eleminates positions over revenue concerns

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 6/9/2020

Group pushes to add 16 licenses for casinos

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 6/7/2020

Panel backs funds for hospitals' virus costs

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 6/4/2020

May state revenue drops $14.3M from previous year, but surpasses forecast by $65.1M

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 6/2/2020


Sports, online betting set to grow

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 5/30/2020

Legislative Council favors giving HSU rainy-day funding

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 5/28/2020

UA System approves tighter budgets; no rise in tuition or fees set for fall

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 5/22/2020

Plan to keep UA System's tuition flat advances to trustees today

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 5/21/2020

No layoffs in UA budget plan; in new year, cuts to focus on hiring, raises, chancellor says

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 5/20/2020

State Senate Republicans ask Arkansas governor for business owner legal protections, special session

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 5/19/2020

School systems get estimates on grants

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 5/19/2020

State unveils 'playbook' for school return

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 5/15/2020

$124.5M available for state businesses

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 5/14/2020

Closures, low gas prices cited as lottery revenue soars

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 5/12/2020

U.S. declares major disaster over Jonesboro-area storms

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 5/10/2020

Panel OKs project aid for schools

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 5/9/2020

State panel approves spending up to $92.7M more for business grant fund

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 5/8/2020

Quarterly interest gain on state investments falls $6M, treasurer reports

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 5/6/2020

State revenue down by 28.3% last month

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 5/5/2020

April state revenue drops $270M from year ago, but exceeds forecast

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 5/4/2020

Offenders' fee collection resumes in Arkansas; monthly $35 a strain in covid-hit economy, says parolee

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 5/4/2020

Committee recommends $85M for states business grant program

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 5/1/2020


State lays out rules for letting restaurants reopen to diners

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 4/30/2020

State lays out rules for letting restaurants reopen to diners

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 4/30/2020

State adds $1M to business loan fund

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 4/29/2020

State to start taking grant applications for rural broadband

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 4/28/2020

Counties ask to delay tax reappraisals

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 4/27/2020

State program created to lift rural broadband

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 4/26/2020

State in line for $128.8 million in federal education aid

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 4/23/2020

State finds cash to buy 9 counties voting gear; cost of equipment estimated at $2.7M

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 4/22/2020

13,000 state companies already in loan pipeline

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 4/22/2020

$10M allotted for rural hospitals

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 4/19/2020

$5.89B state budget advances

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 4/17/2020

Arkansas House, Senate OK budget bills, wrap up fiscal session

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 4/16/2020

State lines up health-worker bonuses

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 4/16/2020

Legislature OKs '21 budget

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 4/16/2020

Impact of virus weighed as state lottery revenue dips

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 4/14/2020

Spending priorities draft based on $5.68B forecast

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 4/10/2020

State general revenue in March drops by $29M from year ago, but it exceeds forecast

Arkansas Democrat Gazette – 4/2/2020

Universities trim budgets as virus affects funding

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 4/2/2020

Long lines at unemployment offices as web page, phone lines jam

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 4/1/2020


State moratorium prevents insurers from canceling insurance policies after Jonesboro tornado

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 3/31/2020

$1.25B awaited for virus fight

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 3/31/2020

Arkansas businesses can begin applying for no-interest loans

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 3/31/2020

State's municipalities expect revenue hit

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 3/30/2020

Gov. Signs Late-Night COVID-19 Bill

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 3/29/2020

Arkansas governor signs bills creating $173M covid-19 fund

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 3/28/2020

State lawmakers pass 'rainy-day' funding; $173M put on tap for budget holes

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 3/28/2020

Election officials push for mail-in voting

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 3/25/2020

State firms face year of struggle, study says

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 3/25/2020

Special-session plans firm up

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 3/25/2020

Virus prompts state to cut budget $353M

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 3/24/2020

Governor extends individual tax deadline, says special session needed; virus cases hit 174

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 3/23/2020

Governor closes casinos in state

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 3/22/2020

$840M state jobless-aid fund seen as OK for now

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 3/20/2020

State offices scale back, highlight online offerings

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 3/19/2020

Arkansas' first presumptive case of coronavirus detected; governor declares public health emergency

Arkansas Democrat Gazette – 3/12/2020