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NASBO is the knowledge leader for data and analysis on state fiscal issues and budget processes.

Through surveys, analysis, and consultation with experts, NASBO provides important original research to state budget decision makers and staff. Our publications are available for purchase at reasonable costs or to download at no cost.


Washington Report
Weekly news on federal actions and national issues affecting states

State Budget Press Clips
Weekly summary of news and media coverage of state budget issues

NASBO Research Publications

Fiscal Survey of the States

Semiannual publication: spring edition details governors’ proposed budgets; fall edition details enacted budgets. Order print copies  ($25 each)

Spring 2014 Report
Full Report

Fall 2013 Report
Full Report

State Expenditure Report

Annual report examining spending in functional areas of state budgets. Order print copies  ($40 each)

Fiscal Year 2012 Report (Fiscal 2011-2013 Data)
Full Report 


Capital Budgeting in the States

State-by-state comparative information on a range of capital budgeting concepts, practices, processes, and policies. Order print copies  ($25 each)

2014 Report 
Full Report

Budget Processes in the States (2015)

State-by-state compilation of data on key aspects of the organization and operation of state government. Order print copies  ($25 each)

Summer 2008 Report 
Full Report


Annual Publication Subscription

For $80 per year, you can receive the spring and fall editions of the Fiscal Survey and the annual Expenditure Report. By subscribing, you save $10 on the total cost of three reports with just one order.

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Additional NASBO Reports

As needed, NASBO also publishes reports on various topics ranging from capital budgeting to health care expenditures to state management practices.

Issue Briefs

NASBO Issue Briefs provide summary and synthesis on fiscal topics important to state budget officers, and are published frequently as short PDF documents available to download at no cost.