Member Awards


Gloria Timmer

The Gloria Timmer Award is given for significant and positive impact on the financial situation of the award recipient's state. The recipient is selected for either a single, significant achievement or a career of accomplishments. All NASBO regular members are eligible for the award. Past regular members continue to be eligible for the award up to 18 months from the date they leave their budget officer position.

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 George A. Bell

The purpose of this award is to recognize state budget personnel for outstanding contributions and service to public budgeting and management in state government. Any associate member of NASBO who, as an employee of a state budget office, has made an exceptional contribution to state budgeting and management is eligible for the award. Associate Members are all professional personnel in the budget agency who are not Regular Members. Associate Members are often budget analysts or their unit supervisors.

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Administrative Excellence in a State Budget Office

This award recognizes an administrative professional staff member for outstanding contributions and service to the state budget office.

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