Information Technology


Advances in technology and state budget information systems are allowing states to do more with less time and resources. Information systems essential for developing state budgets have unique IT needs that when implemented correctly can improve information collection and reporting while also retaining financial flexibility and consistency across agencies.

Staff Contact: Michael Streepey

NASBO Publications

  • State budgets are expected to continue their trend of moderate growth in fiscal 2015 according to governors’ spending proposals. Consistent year-over-year growth has helped states achieve relative budget stability, but progress remains slow for many states. With each passing year of slow improvement, more and more states are moving beyond recession induced declines and returning to spending and revenue growth. According to executive budgets, general fund spending is projected to increase by 2.9 percent in fiscal 2015.
  • The purpose of the public safety network is to facilitate faster, interoperable communications capabilities for police, firefighters, emergency medical professionals and other public safety officials across levels of government. At this time, there is no clear indication exactly what the final price tag for the network will be nor how the long-term operating and maintenance costs of the network will be funded. This makes the nationwide public safety network particularly relevant for state fiscal planners.