Healthcare & Medicaid


Healthcare & Medicaid

Key healthcare and Medicaid issues create enormous financial and policy challenges for states.  The rapid growth in healthcare costs continues to be a significant fiscal issue for states.  In fiscal 2011, it is estimated that Medicaid comprised 23.6 percent of total state expenditures. There are also many challenges ahead as states move forward with implementing national health care reform. 

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  • State budgets are expected to continue their trend of moderate growth in fiscal 2015 according to governors’ spending proposals. Consistent year-over-year growth has helped states achieve relative budget stability, but progress remains slow for many states. With each passing year of slow improvement, more and more states are moving beyond recession induced declines and returning to spending and revenue growth. According to executive budgets, general fund spending is projected to increase by 2.9 percent in fiscal 2015.
  • State fiscal conditions are modestly improving in fiscal 2014 with spending and revenues projected to rise above fiscal 2013 levels. Signs of fiscal distress continue to subside, and most states expect revenue and spending growth in fiscal 2014. Tax collections outperformed projections in fiscal 2013, and revenues experienced steady gains in most states. Although revenues are expected to increase in fiscal 2014, states are not projecting a rise in tax collections comparable to the gains in fiscal 2013.

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