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This report shows that state budgets are expected to continue on a path of stable, moderate growth, with 42 governors recommending spending increases for fiscal 2016. However, progress is slow, and structural issues and long-term spending pressures will require difficult budget choices for many states. States’ spending proposals continue to be cautious as they plan for limited revenue growth.
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This report delivers information such as how states make decisions to invest in new facilities or maintain old ones; ways states distinguish infrastructure spending from day to day operating expenses; criteria for project financing strategies and options for funding infrastructure; efforts to mitigate fiscal risks from debt issuance, and more.
This report compiles state-by-state comparative information on state budgeting practices, organized into six sections: Budget Timeline & Participants; Requirements, Authorities & Limitations; Budget Approach, Procedures & Tools; The Budget Document; Monitoring the Budget; and Performance Management & Spending Transparency.

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